Wine Storage Designs

Wine cellar is a room for storing wine packaged in bottles or barrels. This alcoholic drink comes from fermented grapes which are usually served on official or private events. In the past, wine storage was in the cave. because the constant air temperature inside the cave is perfect for fermenting wine without interference from the outside. because of its location far from home today many people make special rooms to store wine underground.

Types of wine storage space are distinguished by location and storage capacity. The active wine cellar is temperature and humidity regulated by the climate control system, which makes this room can be made above or below ground. the wine room has a storage capacity of more than 500 bottles while the wine closet can store less than 500 bottles of wine. see the wine storage designs below to get immediate inspiration:

7 Ideas To Make The Bedroom Look Wide Even With Many Items

Have a messy bedroom with too much stuff? You need ideas so that the bedroom looks spacious even though you have a lot of things in it. Here are 7 ideas to make your bedroom look spacious:

  1. Maximizing Storage: there are many storage rooms in the room such as storage shelves or cabinets. other than that, choose furniture with multiple functions such as a bed underneath which has a shelf to store things. saving space and your things can be stored quite well and the bedroom still looks spacious and neat.
  2. Tidying the Goods with KonMari: Tidy up the items in the bedroom using the KonMari method, this method originates from Japan introduced by Marie Kondo. clean the room and tidy up the room to the maximum and practice the method.
  3. Decoration: Decorating the bedroom by adding wall decorations to make it look more beautiful. favorite paintings, flower vases, bed lights, choose according to your taste. decoration that can keep your spirit there continuously and certainly can add a broad impression in the bedroom.
  4. Rearrange the Position of Furniture or Change Furniture: The bedroom is full of goods and looks messy because the position of the furniture is wrong or furniture can be too large and not functioning optimally. reset the position of the furniture so that the display looks spacious if it is not needed you can replace furniture that has 2 functions that have storage space as well as a place of activity.
  5. Selection of furniture that fits your needs: choose furniture that is needed in the room, because the items in the room are a lot so consider what furniture we will buy. furniture that can store books and accessories neatly that we choose.
  6. Room Floor: room floors that can add aesthetics should be adjusted to the concept of the bedroom. Parquet floors give a warm impression like on a wooden floor, a smooth surface and a variety of styles that use this floor.
  7. Mirror in the Bedroom: a mirror can give a broad impression because the mirror reflects light and makes the optical illusion of the room itself. a mirror with the bedroom design. also select the full body mirror and place it in the corner of the room, see the results will look broad.

5 Stylish Living Room Decorating Ideas

How to decorate the living room to look more stylish? remembering the living room is the most important room in the house. important because, the only living room where we invite everyone who visits home. and for a more stylish look we must decorate this room so that it still gives the impression of being comfortable and more stylish. Here are 5 ideas for decorating a living room to be more stylish:

  1. Show large-sized artwork: Many works of art that can be used to complement the living room. the point is art that can make the guests attract attention and will trigger questions in the artwork. Of course by paying attention to the arts that can make it comfortable and bring a cool atmosphere. hanging large artwork on the living room wall has a high impact on the room, making the living room look more stylish and artsy.
  2. Minimalism: display a minimalist living room and no excessive accessories. because too many accessories actually give a narrow impression. a living room is a public space that everyone can occupy. choose a minimalist design so that everyone can be comfortable when entering the living room at home.
  3. Make the concept of the lighting layer: lighting settings are very important things in the room. various kinds of ripe lighting that you can use are ambient, task, accent. choose one and apply to the living room that will add the impression of being more stylish. room lighting can add to the effects of one’s mood. so arrange it so that your mood becomes happy and comfortable.
  4. Choice of wall paint: cheap and easy tricks that are widely used by designers. make the living room more stylish just by playing the color of the wall paint. Old buildings with the right touch of paint will provide a comfortable atmosphere and will certainly bring cool and stylish nuances. So when will you decorate the living room? see the pictures below to get inspiration immediately.
  5. Right in terms of mounting curtains: the presence of curtains that are right in the installation will be able to add vibrant in the room. a display that meets aesthetic standards and beautiful art is also obtained.

Living Room Design Pink Pastel Feminine Impression

You someone like the living room which shows a calm, comfortable and not too crowded atmosphere? one option is to adjust the color, from the color of the wall to the color of the furniture in the living room. pink paster can provide a calm, calm and more interesting atmosphere if it is equipped with furniture that features a contemporary and modern feel.

The preferred color touch can improve the mood, and it needs to be displayed in your room, one of which is the living room. Safe, comfortable and happy to be felt in this room. The key for designers to make the living room look feminine and comfortable is choice and color settings. the visual appearance of a room will be thicker if the color settings match.

The color element does not have to be walled, you can also apply it to pastel pink furniture combined with light blue on the furniture, adding to the feel of comfort and calm. pink pastel is indeed considered to have a close relationship with feminine imagery. these color combinations with the theme of the living room in a minimalist style, contemporary even to shabby chic will be more beautiful. It doesn’t have to be pastel pink, if you like the green color that makes your heart comfortable, please apply the color in a comfortable and quiet feel.

Home Design Valentine’s Day Theme To Be Romantic

How to create an atmosphere in the house so romantic on Valentine’s Day? You and your partner certainly want a more calm and comfortable mood, one of which is a room decoration with Valentine’s theme can be maximized by presenting furniture related to Valentine’s Day.

Valentines day is not only for lovers but for those of you who are married can celebrate, by creating a romantic home atmosphere. These are the 3 inspirations of home design themes on Valentine’s Day to create a romantic and loving atmosphere.

  1. Pink: romantic home decor can be done by thickening pink. give the pink color to the interior of the house and adjust it to the existing furniture. add a pillow symbolized by the heart between the usual pillow on the sofa. this has a big impact on the valentine’s interior theme that we will make.
  2. Small Frame Accents: choose accessories that serve as the design focal point. examples are framed paintings and photos. to give birth to design cohesion give a pink color on the wall. Wreaths and red heart pieces can thicken the atmosphere of love and affection. no need to change the furniture order just add a valentine-themed accent.
  3. Heart Shaped Accessories: Specify a room that will be decorated with a Valentine’s Day theme. choose the appropriate accents and furniture, give a touch of pink so that the atmosphere is comfortable and reminds you of love. furniture that needs to be prepared is a heart shaped and pink. so soon the interior decoration of the house so that the romantic impression is obtained.

How To Design A Comfortable Bedroom Interior

How to design the interior of the bedroom so that we feel comfortable when sleeping? one that must be considered is the atmosphere and interior in the bedroom itself. With better quality sleep we will feel comfortable and refreshed in the morning. work spirit will also be gained.

do not focus too much on the design of the kitchen, living room or exterior in the form of a garden. the bed also needs decoration because you will have a lot of time in the bedroom. Here are 2 tips so that the atmosphere in the bedroom feels comfortable:

  1. Layout. Comfortable and quiet is very dependent on the layout of the basic principles of space circulation, arrangement of furniture or furniture in the room and also the zoning of room space. Choose a bed that is legged and minimizes furniture that is not needed because the bedroom is only for rest and sleep.
  2. Choice of decoration style: Choose a style with the Zen interior concept that is now popular. Zen interior is suitable to be applied because it will get a comfortable and sound sleep atmosphere. also include elements of color and pattern to lift the atmosphere in the bedroom.

How to Take Care of Wooden Watches

The clock function is a timepiece, with time the clock design also varies. the most unique is a watch made of wood. for those of you who like to collect unique clocks you should consider. because it rarely sells wooden watches. unique, classic and vintage look ready to look different from this wooden watch. but how is the treatment? difficult or easy? Here it is, 6 ways to treat wooden watches:

  1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: The selected wood for jam material is the best, but for treatment do not put this clock in a place that is too hot or too cold. If placed in extreme temperatures, the watch must be easily brittle, considering the material is made of wood.
  2. Clean Using Lemon and or Lime: use lemon or lime to make the look of a wooden watch look shiny. Mix a little olive oil with a clean cloth. wooden watches will look more shiny.
  3. Non-Waterproof Wooden Watches: Do not use a watch on a place where it is soft or runny. Because it will be easily weathered and moldy. So think about if you will wash your hands, it’s better to take off the clock.
  4. Clean with Pecan Oil: For wooden clocks that already look dull. clean with hazelnut oil. the wooden clock will look beautiful again.
  5. Replace the Battery Periodically: the average age of the clock is 1-2 years, replace and choose the correct battery because the performance of the clock machine is very influential on the battery
  6. Clean the Clock with Cloth and Brush: Over time the hollow strap on the wooden watch will look dirty. clean it with a clean cloth and downy brush to clean the wooden clock.

Minimalist Kitchen Design Concept

Want a minimalist style kitchen design? you need the design. how to design a favorite kitchen that prioritizes functions and still maintains aesthetic aspects. Minimalist style kitchen design is one solution. with visually appealing appearance to be the choice of many people. the most important of the concept of a minimalist kitchen is a minimalist style of refinement of a modern style that maximizes the use of furniture and other decorative, and eliminates unnecessary design elements. with an attractive appearance and functional minimalist kitchen design suitable for your occupancy. see the designs below and get the inspiration:

Unique And Cool Multifunctional Dining Table Designs

5 unique and cool multifunctional dining table designs to decorate your home interior. choose one of the 5 multifunctional table designs below:

  1. Hidden Dining Table: Foldable dining table, the purpose of saving space, is suitable for those of you who have a small house. can be folded into decorations on the wall, if opened into a dining table. Unique and cool multifunctional dining table design.
  2. Billiard Dining Tables: For those of you who like billiard sports, this table you can consider for home interior decoration. because it has 2 functions, namely for the dining table and for billiard exercise. The billiard table is hidden under the dining table. You don’t bother moving the room, just pulling the table below, the billiard table is ready to play.
  3. Sliding Dining Table: A dining table that can be set long and short according to our needs. if only one family can use a small table, but if there is a guest, just open the center. fast and efficient room.
  4. Magic Round Table: Cool table design, round table that can be resized. At first the small one could be turned into a big one by just turning the side of the round table.
  5. Folding Dining Tables: the dining table design is unique because it saves chairs inside the table itself.

Minimalist Home Interior Design With Rustic Wood Style

Home interior design with rustic style of wood began to be in demand by many people. rustik itself can be applied in various forms. usually in the form of tables, chairs or other furniture that can be used to decorate the room. there is also a modern rustic style, we live more like the modern rustic home interior or rustic style like in the countryside.

Rustik is simplicity, displaying an atmosphere like a home in the countryside. rustic is the art of home decoration can be interpreted as showing an impression of nature and obsolescence but still looks classic. material that can be used to strengthen the interior atmosphere with rustic style is wood.

Rustic wood can be used or used as a variety of furniture needs, or if you feel troubled to make your own furniture, you still keep creating by making some home decorations such as decoration boards that contain motivational words or table and wall decorations.

To make wood furniture so that the interior looks thick with rustic style, you can use old or new wood and combine it with finishing staining and wood dye techniques. The types of wood that can be used are soft wood, such as maple or wood pallet. See home interior designs with rustic wood so you get inspiration easily:

7 Kitchen Design Inspiration

Smart set the room according to its function is something that is very necessary in the interior of the house. one of which we will discuss is the design of the kitchen with various styles and descriptions. get inspired by looking at the kitchen designs below:

  1. Vintage Style Small Kitchen Designs: tips for vintage style kitchen design are not too much use of color because the small size of the kitchen will look too crowded. choose 2 dominant colors to give color to the kitchen.
  2. Small Kitchen Design Facing the Family Room: having small children who cannot be left everywhere is normal, for that the kitchen can be made facing the family room so that you mothers are comfortable, cook and pay attention to the activities of your little one. the kitchen will look spacious without any bulkhead.
  3. Small Kitchen Design Integrated with Dining Room: do you have a small size kitchen? here’s the solution, remove the bulkhead between the dining table and the kitchen. this will display 2 rooms into one and of course the display will be wider. easy to carry food and save time when making food.
  4. Efficient Small Kitchen Design: the size of a small kitchen is not a problem, but still provide complete cooking equipment. put out the idea of ​​arranging good cooking furniture, the small kitchen is still efficient and neat.
  5. Small Wooden Furniture Design: This design is one that most people like a lot. the traditional atmosphere obtained from furniture will remind you of the atmosphere in the village. Choose furniture made from bright wood. will give you enthusiasm for cooking.
  6. Small Kitchen Designs Facing Open Space: Many kitchen designs are craving, but because of limited land not everyone can enjoy open-air kitchen, it can only be seen in remote villages or areas, areas far from the city. Display of beautiful scenery will make your cooking atmosphere more complete.

How to Design a Minimalist Home Interior Design

How to design a minimalist home interior design? limited or wide land does not matter if we have a bright idea for interior design. The minimalist model is in great demand because of its attractive, elegant and eye-catching impression. to make the interior of a minimalist home neat and pleasing to the eye you need a design. with this design you will know what interior will be included in the house. any needs needed in the house must be provided.

You can start designing a minimalist home interior design with sketches first. if the size has been determined you can add whatever furniture is necessary and important. if you master the software to build a house, you can directly use the AutoCAD software and 3Ds max for the furniture. with the help of the PC software you will be very easy to determine which interior needs to be prepared in the house along with the size of the furniture can be made. So, when will you start designing a minimalist home interior? These are some examples of minimalist home interior design as a reference.