19 Designs of Window Trellis

Trellis for windows is used for security. safe from thieves because the window already has a trellis. minimizing crime, over time trellis is also used for home decoration. Not only as a home security but also used as a complement to the interior of the house. designs of iron and now have varied shapes. the patterns are very diverse. line-patterned trellis, circle and decoration like flowers also exist. depending on consumer demand.

Trellis shape adapted to the window, square, rectangular, round and oval. the price of window trellis varies depending on the size and complexity made. Trellis with a minimalist model tends to be cheaper because of its easy workmanship and simple design but for trellises that have artistic motifs the price is much more expensive because the manufacture is more difficult. look at the trellis designs below, whether you like minimalist designs or artistic direction.

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