Unique And Cool Multifunctional Dining Table Designs

5 unique and cool multifunctional dining table designs to decorate your home interior. choose one of the 5 multifunctional table designs below:

  1. Hidden Dining Table: Foldable dining table, the purpose of saving space, is suitable for those of you who have a small house. can be folded into decorations on the wall, if opened into a dining table. Unique and cool multifunctional dining table design.
  2. Billiard Dining Tables: For those of you who like billiard sports, this table you can consider for home interior decoration. because it has 2 functions, namely for the dining table and for billiard exercise. The billiard table is hidden under the dining table. You don’t bother moving the room, just pulling the table below, the billiard table is ready to play.
  3. Sliding Dining Table: A dining table that can be set long and short according to our needs. if only one family can use a small table, but if there is a guest, just open the center. fast and efficient room.
  4. Magic Round Table: Cool table design, round table that can be resized. At first the small one could be turned into a big one by just turning the side of the round table.
  5. Folding Dining Tables: the dining table design is unique because it saves chairs inside the table itself.

Minimalist Home Interior Design With Rustic Wood Style

Home interior design with rustic style of wood began to be in demand by many people. rustik itself can be applied in various forms. usually in the form of tables, chairs or other furniture that can be used to decorate the room. there is also a modern rustic style, we live more like the modern rustic home interior or rustic style like in the countryside.

Rustik is simplicity, displaying an atmosphere like a home in the countryside. rustic is the art of home decoration can be interpreted as showing an impression of nature and obsolescence but still looks classic. material that can be used to strengthen the interior atmosphere with rustic style is wood.

Rustic wood can be used or used as a variety of furniture needs, or if you feel troubled to make your own furniture, you still keep creating by making some home decorations such as decoration boards that contain motivational words or table and wall decorations.

To make wood furniture so that the interior looks thick with rustic style, you can use old or new wood and combine it with finishing staining and wood dye techniques. The types of wood that can be used are soft wood, such as maple or wood pallet. See home interior designs with rustic wood so you get inspiration easily:

7 Kitchen Design Inspiration

Smart set the room according to its function is something that is very necessary in the interior of the house. one of which we will discuss is the design of the kitchen with various styles and descriptions. get inspired by looking at the kitchen designs below:

  1. Vintage Style Small Kitchen Designs: tips for vintage style kitchen design are not too much use of color because the small size of the kitchen will look too crowded. choose 2 dominant colors to give color to the kitchen.
  2. Small Kitchen Design Facing the Family Room: having small children who cannot be left everywhere is normal, for that the kitchen can be made facing the family room so that you mothers are comfortable, cook and pay attention to the activities of your little one. the kitchen will look spacious without any bulkhead.
  3. Small Kitchen Design Integrated with Dining Room: do you have a small size kitchen? here’s the solution, remove the bulkhead between the dining table and the kitchen. this will display 2 rooms into one and of course the display will be wider. easy to carry food and save time when making food.
  4. Efficient Small Kitchen Design: the size of a small kitchen is not a problem, but still provide complete cooking equipment. put out the idea of ​​arranging good cooking furniture, the small kitchen is still efficient and neat.
  5. Small Wooden Furniture Design: This design is one that most people like a lot. the traditional atmosphere obtained from furniture will remind you of the atmosphere in the village. Choose furniture made from bright wood. will give you enthusiasm for cooking.
  6. Small Kitchen Designs Facing Open Space: Many kitchen designs are craving, but because of limited land not everyone can enjoy open-air kitchen, it can only be seen in remote villages or areas, areas far from the city. Display of beautiful scenery will make your cooking atmosphere more complete.

How to Design a Minimalist Home Interior Design

How to design a minimalist home interior design? limited or wide land does not matter if we have a bright idea for interior design. The minimalist model is in great demand because of its attractive, elegant and eye-catching impression. to make the interior of a minimalist home neat and pleasing to the eye you need a design. with this design you will know what interior will be included in the house. any needs needed in the house must be provided.

You can start designing a minimalist home interior design with sketches first. if the size has been determined you can add whatever furniture is necessary and important. if you master the software to build a house, you can directly use the AutoCAD software and 3Ds max for the furniture. with the help of the PC software you will be very easy to determine which interior needs to be prepared in the house along with the size of the furniture can be made. So, when will you start designing a minimalist home interior? These are some examples of minimalist home interior design as a reference.