7 Ideas To Make The Bedroom Look Wide Even With Many Items

Have a messy bedroom with too much stuff? You need ideas so that the bedroom looks spacious even though you have a lot of things in it. Here are 7 ideas to make your bedroom look spacious:

  1. Maximizing Storage: there are many storage rooms in the room such as storage shelves or cabinets. other than that, choose furniture with multiple functions such as a bed underneath which has a shelf to store things. saving space and your things can be stored quite well and the bedroom still looks spacious and neat.
  2. Tidying the Goods with KonMari: Tidy up the items in the bedroom using the KonMari method, this method originates from Japan introduced by Marie Kondo. clean the room and tidy up the room to the maximum and practice the method.
  3. Decoration: Decorating the bedroom by adding wall decorations to make it look more beautiful. favorite paintings, flower vases, bed lights, choose according to your taste. decoration that can keep your spirit there continuously and certainly can add a broad impression in the bedroom.
  4. Rearrange the Position of Furniture or Change Furniture: The bedroom is full of goods and looks messy because the position of the furniture is wrong or furniture can be too large and not functioning optimally. reset the position of the furniture so that the display looks spacious if it is not needed you can replace furniture that has 2 functions that have storage space as well as a place of activity.
  5. Selection of furniture that fits your needs: choose furniture that is needed in the room, because the items in the room are a lot so consider what furniture we will buy. furniture that can store books and accessories neatly that we choose.
  6. Room Floor: room floors that can add aesthetics should be adjusted to the concept of the bedroom. Parquet floors give a warm impression like on a wooden floor, a smooth surface and a variety of styles that use this floor.
  7. Mirror in the Bedroom: a mirror can give a broad impression because the mirror reflects light and makes the optical illusion of the room itself. a mirror with the bedroom design. also select the full body mirror and place it in the corner of the room, see the results will look broad.

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