28 Designs for Reception of Luxury and Modern Lobby

These are lobby reception designs with a modern and luxurious style. price is comparable to quality, can be seen the lobby designs, it must be luxurious but according to the price. Are you decorating a lobby with a fancy modern theme? see the lobby designs for reception below. a lot of inspiration if you look at these fancy lobby designs.

24 Popular CNC House Door Designs

The door is one of the building materials in every house. the door is the place of entry and exit of the homeowner. in this era there are a lot of house designs, such as minimalist, classic, modern home designs, over time various door models also exist. one of them is a door made with this CNC machine. the design is of course adapted to the style of your home, so that the appearance matches the style of the house. see home door designs made with CNC machines. Your inspiration comes from what is seen. so see soon the door designs that are currently popular:

25 Luxurious Wooden Main Door Designs

Do you want a house to look fancy? one that must be considered is the design of the main door. because the main door looks the fastest or first seen. then it must be very concerned. the original house looks ordinary with attention to the main door will look luxurious plus the interior is equipped with luxurious furniture too. comfortable to look at and the atmosphere becomes pleasant. like the main luxury door designs below which are made of wood. with this main door the house that was originally simple will look luxurious. many also use it in a minimalist home, with luxurious main doors as below, the more complete your home will be. So, look at these luxury main door designs:

Indoor Pool Ideas

Want to design an indoor pool? Belem knows what is needed in development? You can consider a swimming pool whose function is not only for swimming but as a beauty of the interior of the house and enhance the aesthetics of the room and social space. careful planning is very necessary because the indoor pool must be adapted to the interior of the house. aesthetics and functionalities must be considered in order to stay in harmony. if the minimalist and elegant swimming pool design also choose a design that is balanced with the theme.

If the land is limited you can design a pond in an underground room, or it can be on the 2nd floor in the room. Design planning and materials are very necessary in this section, because it will accommodate very heavy weights. Choose the swimming pool floor that suits you, for example ceramic tiles that blend with an elegant style. see the pool designs in the room below that will inspire you:

Spiral Stairs Suitable For Saving Space: Strengths Weaknesses

The advantages of a spiral staircase: Do you have a small but multi-storey house? the solution to saving space is the selection of spiral staircases, in addition to saving space installed in the room, with this staircase you can also see the room through stairs. in addition to going up and down the spiral stairs can also be categorized as works of art, installed in the middle and made of wood carvings that display the impression of luxury.

Lack of spiral staircases: Because of the large size and location in the middle if you want to decorate this room, of course you need to be extra patient. you should first consider before determining the location of this ladder. What materials are suitable for making spiral stairs? solid and stable material suitable for this spiral stair material. for example wood is one of the favorite ingredients for making this ladder. from iron you can also play colors in the style of the interior of the house. So be happy home decor and look at these spiral staircase designs, which might inspire you:

Corridor and Hallway Designs

What is the function of the corridor? the corridor is the first area seen when you open the entrance to the house. this room is a place to stop for a while before we go and for storing goods that we will carry. the corridor is an important part of a house because of its function. the corridor is a small elongated room that connects several rooms in the house. select the hallway or corridor for your home. See the corridor designs below for your inspiration:

Wine Storage Designs

Wine cellar is a room for storing wine packaged in bottles or barrels. This alcoholic drink comes from fermented grapes which are usually served on official or private events. In the past, wine storage was in the cave. because the constant air temperature inside the cave is perfect for fermenting wine without interference from the outside. because of its location far from home today many people make special rooms to store wine underground.

Types of wine storage space are distinguished by location and storage capacity. The active wine cellar is temperature and humidity regulated by the climate control system, which makes this room can be made above or below ground. the wine room has a storage capacity of more than 500 bottles while the wine closet can store less than 500 bottles of wine. see the wine storage designs below to get immediate inspiration:

Home Design Valentine’s Day Theme To Be Romantic

How to create an atmosphere in the house so romantic on Valentine’s Day? You and your partner certainly want a more calm and comfortable mood, one of which is a room decoration with Valentine’s theme can be maximized by presenting furniture related to Valentine’s Day.

Valentines day is not only for lovers but for those of you who are married can celebrate, by creating a romantic home atmosphere. These are the 3 inspirations of home design themes on Valentine’s Day to create a romantic and loving atmosphere.

  1. Pink: romantic home decor can be done by thickening pink. give the pink color to the interior of the house and adjust it to the existing furniture. add a pillow symbolized by the heart between the usual pillow on the sofa. this has a big impact on the valentine’s interior theme that we will make.
  2. Small Frame Accents: choose accessories that serve as the design focal point. examples are framed paintings and photos. to give birth to design cohesion give a pink color on the wall. Wreaths and red heart pieces can thicken the atmosphere of love and affection. no need to change the furniture order just add a valentine-themed accent.
  3. Heart Shaped Accessories: Specify a room that will be decorated with a Valentine’s Day theme. choose the appropriate accents and furniture, give a touch of pink so that the atmosphere is comfortable and reminds you of love. furniture that needs to be prepared is a heart shaped and pink. so soon the interior decoration of the house so that the romantic impression is obtained.

Minimalist Home Interior Design With Rustic Wood Style

Home interior design with rustic style of wood began to be in demand by many people. rustik itself can be applied in various forms. usually in the form of tables, chairs or other furniture that can be used to decorate the room. there is also a modern rustic style, we live more like the modern rustic home interior or rustic style like in the countryside.

Rustik is simplicity, displaying an atmosphere like a home in the countryside. rustic is the art of home decoration can be interpreted as showing an impression of nature and obsolescence but still looks classic. material that can be used to strengthen the interior atmosphere with rustic style is wood.

Rustic wood can be used or used as a variety of furniture needs, or if you feel troubled to make your own furniture, you still keep creating by making some home decorations such as decoration boards that contain motivational words or table and wall decorations.

To make wood furniture so that the interior looks thick with rustic style, you can use old or new wood and combine it with finishing staining and wood dye techniques. The types of wood that can be used are soft wood, such as maple or wood pallet. See home interior designs with rustic wood so you get inspiration easily:

How to Design a Minimalist Home Interior Design

How to design a minimalist home interior design? limited or wide land does not matter if we have a bright idea for interior design. The minimalist model is in great demand because of its attractive, elegant and eye-catching impression. to make the interior of a minimalist home neat and pleasing to the eye you need a design. with this design you will know what interior will be included in the house. any needs needed in the house must be provided.

You can start designing a minimalist home interior design with sketches first. if the size has been determined you can add whatever furniture is necessary and important. if you master the software to build a house, you can directly use the AutoCAD software and 3Ds max for the furniture. with the help of the PC software you will be very easy to determine which interior needs to be prepared in the house along with the size of the furniture can be made. So, when will you start designing a minimalist home interior? These are some examples of minimalist home interior design as a reference.