Living Room Design with Carpet and Sofa Colors to Match

One idea for a comfortable and pleasant living room is the design and arrangement of living rooms with matching colors of carpets and sofas. Guests or relatives who visit will feel at home and comfortable with this living room arrangement. the element that must be considered in the living room is the color of the carpet and sofa. how can the two elements be harmonious.

The carpet makes the living room atmosphere warm and comfortable to see. choose the right color to match the sofa. see living room designs with matching rugs and sofas. one of them is the color combination of carpet and sofa in black and white.

5 Stylish Living Room Decorating Ideas

How to decorate the living room to look more stylish? remembering the living room is the most important room in the house. important because, the only living room where we invite everyone who visits home. and for a more stylish look we must decorate this room so that it still gives the impression of being comfortable and more stylish. Here are 5 ideas for decorating a living room to be more stylish:

  1. Show large-sized artwork: Many works of art that can be used to complement the living room. the point is art that can make the guests attract attention and will trigger questions in the artwork. Of course by paying attention to the arts that can make it comfortable and bring a cool atmosphere. hanging large artwork on the living room wall has a high impact on the room, making the living room look more stylish and artsy.
  2. Minimalism: display a minimalist living room and no excessive accessories. because too many accessories actually give a narrow impression. a living room is a public space that everyone can occupy. choose a minimalist design so that everyone can be comfortable when entering the living room at home.
  3. Make the concept of the lighting layer: lighting settings are very important things in the room. various kinds of ripe lighting that you can use are ambient, task, accent. choose one and apply to the living room that will add the impression of being more stylish. room lighting can add to the effects of one’s mood. so arrange it so that your mood becomes happy and comfortable.
  4. Choice of wall paint: cheap and easy tricks that are widely used by designers. make the living room more stylish just by playing the color of the wall paint. Old buildings with the right touch of paint will provide a comfortable atmosphere and will certainly bring cool and stylish nuances. So when will you decorate the living room? see the pictures below to get inspiration immediately.
  5. Right in terms of mounting curtains: the presence of curtains that are right in the installation will be able to add vibrant in the room. a display that meets aesthetic standards and beautiful art is also obtained.

Living Room Design Pink Pastel Feminine Impression

You someone like the living room which shows a calm, comfortable and not too crowded atmosphere? one option is to adjust the color, from the color of the wall to the color of the furniture in the living room. pink paster can provide a calm, calm and more interesting atmosphere if it is equipped with furniture that features a contemporary and modern feel.

The preferred color touch can improve the mood, and it needs to be displayed in your room, one of which is the living room. Safe, comfortable and happy to be felt in this room. The key for designers to make the living room look feminine and comfortable is choice and color settings. the visual appearance of a room will be thicker if the color settings match.

The color element does not have to be walled, you can also apply it to pastel pink furniture combined with light blue on the furniture, adding to the feel of comfort and calm. pink pastel is indeed considered to have a close relationship with feminine imagery. these color combinations with the theme of the living room in a minimalist style, contemporary even to shabby chic will be more beautiful. It doesn’t have to be pastel pink, if you like the green color that makes your heart comfortable, please apply the color in a comfortable and quiet feel.