How do you set the interior of the bedroom?

Small bedrooms, sizes below 9 square meters: if you have twins, you can use descent bunk beds that will leave room for furniture that is related to your child’s interests. another idea is to choose a foldable bed or a bed under which there is a drawer for storage. after that complete with the necessary furniture and adjust the size of the furniture with the bedroom.

Medium or large bedrooms, sizes above 10 square meters: many of the benefits of this bedroom. spacious rooms make it easy for us to determine the bed and furniture. wardrobes, tables, chairs and even sofas can enter into the bedroom. but still prioritizing privacy, you can use a sliding partition for just a curtain. Don’t close the lighting because the morning sun is very good for you. the rest of the arrangement is up to you, the important thing is to adjust to the style of your home.

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