How To Design A Comfortable Bedroom Interior

How to design the interior of the bedroom so that we feel comfortable when sleeping? one that must be considered is the atmosphere and interior in the bedroom itself. With better quality sleep we will feel comfortable and refreshed in the morning. work spirit will also be gained.

do not focus too much on the design of the kitchen, living room or exterior in the form of a garden. the bed also needs decoration because you will have a lot of time in the bedroom. Here are 2 tips so that the atmosphere in the bedroom feels comfortable:

  1. Layout. Comfortable and quiet is very dependent on the layout of the basic principles of space circulation, arrangement of furniture or furniture in the room and also the zoning of room space. Choose a bed that is legged and minimizes furniture that is not needed because the bedroom is only for rest and sleep.
  2. Choice of decoration style: Choose a style with the Zen interior concept that is now popular. Zen interior is suitable to be applied because it will get a comfortable and sound sleep atmosphere. also include elements of color and pattern to lift the atmosphere in the bedroom.

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