How to Take Care of Wooden Watches

The clock function is a timepiece, with time the clock design also varies. the most unique is a watch made of wood. for those of you who like to collect unique clocks you should consider. because it rarely sells wooden watches. unique, classic and vintage look ready to look different from this wooden watch. but how is the treatment? difficult or easy? Here it is, 6 ways to treat wooden watches:

  1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: The selected wood for jam material is the best, but for treatment do not put this clock in a place that is too hot or too cold. If placed in extreme temperatures, the watch must be easily brittle, considering the material is made of wood.
  2. Clean Using Lemon and or Lime: use lemon or lime to make the look of a wooden watch look shiny. Mix a little olive oil with a clean cloth. wooden watches will look more shiny.
  3. Non-Waterproof Wooden Watches: Do not use a watch on a place where it is soft or runny. Because it will be easily weathered and moldy. So think about if you will wash your hands, it’s better to take off the clock.
  4. Clean with Pecan Oil: For wooden clocks that already look dull. clean with hazelnut oil. the wooden clock will look beautiful again.
  5. Replace the Battery Periodically: the average age of the clock is 1-2 years, replace and choose the correct battery because the performance of the clock machine is very influential on the battery
  6. Clean the Clock with Cloth and Brush: Over time the hollow strap on the wooden watch will look dirty. clean it with a clean cloth and downy brush to clean the wooden clock.

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