Living Room Design Pink Pastel Feminine Impression

You someone like the living room which shows a calm, comfortable and not too crowded atmosphere? one option is to adjust the color, from the color of the wall to the color of the furniture in the living room. pink paster can provide a calm, calm and more interesting atmosphere if it is equipped with furniture that features a contemporary and modern feel.

The preferred color touch can improve the mood, and it needs to be displayed in your room, one of which is the living room. Safe, comfortable and happy to be felt in this room. The key for designers to make the living room look feminine and comfortable is choice and color settings. the visual appearance of a room will be thicker if the color settings match.

The color element does not have to be walled, you can also apply it to pastel pink furniture combined with light blue on the furniture, adding to the feel of comfort and calm. pink pastel is indeed considered to have a close relationship with feminine imagery. these color combinations with the theme of the living room in a minimalist style, contemporary even to shabby chic will be more beautiful. It doesn’t have to be pastel pink, if you like the green color that makes your heart comfortable, please apply the color in a comfortable and quiet feel.

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