Unique And Cool Multifunctional Dining Table Designs

5 unique and cool multifunctional dining table designs to decorate your home interior. choose one of the 5 multifunctional table designs below:

  1. Hidden Dining Table: Foldable dining table, the purpose of saving space, is suitable for those of you who have a small house. can be folded into decorations on the wall, if opened into a dining table. Unique and cool multifunctional dining table design.
  2. Billiard Dining Tables: For those of you who like billiard sports, this table you can consider for home interior decoration. because it has 2 functions, namely for the dining table and for billiard exercise. The billiard table is hidden under the dining table. You don’t bother moving the room, just pulling the table below, the billiard table is ready to play.
  3. Sliding Dining Table: A dining table that can be set long and short according to our needs. if only one family can use a small table, but if there is a guest, just open the center. fast and efficient room.
  4. Magic Round Table: Cool table design, round table that can be resized. At first the small one could be turned into a big one by just turning the side of the round table.
  5. Folding Dining Tables: the dining table design is unique because it saves chairs inside the table itself.

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